Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cake Britain 2!

Need cake but can't find someone local that produces yummy scrummy delights to order? Or want to send a friend or relative cake but don't know anyone where they live? Look no further! About four months ago I started putting together Cake Britain, a simple map filled, with wonderful cake makers across Britain. All you have to do is zoom into your area and see what cakes are hovering there!

View Cake Britain in a larger map

You may be wondering why you can't find these people yourself. Here is the simple answer we are baking from home mostly. We don't have beautiful high street shops but then I also think that's not what you are looking for. My guess is you are looking for that personal touch, someone who makes things only to order and that come with a heap of personal recommendations. Word of mouth is now collated for you! Bookmark it and save it for the future too, although you will always be able to find it on my website. 

I'm sorry if your area is lacking but it is growing all the time. If you are a cake maker yourself join in! Just contact me and I will add you for a small admin charge of £5. Simple click here to pay and then email with your postcode, brief description and contact details.  We have had over 27,000 viewings so far as testament to cake power and put people in touch with everything from a box of cupcakes to wedding cakes to a deal with a soft play centre. I look forward to meeting you!