Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lexmark printer cake?

Recently I was caught chatting at #BitsyBreak on twitter. This is a wonderful tread that gives homeworkers a chance to take a break between 11 and 12 each day. Now I have to stress, as much as I like this I don't get to join in every day but today was my day!

Whilst catching up with everyone I noticed a competition on Freelance Advisor's website where you could win a Lexmark printer. Now I really should know better than to enter something when the company chats on #BitsyBreak too! The next thing I knew it was being suggested that I made a cake in the shape of the printer! Of course agreeing straightaway then led me to start having nightmares! How would I make such a monster? What would I do with it? Could Freelance Advisor each that much cake? And then the answer came... Children's Adventure Farm Trust, my charity of the year!

So here you have it! A large vanilla sponge with strawberry jam printer! I hope you like it. £1 from every slice will be going to CAFT who are an amazing charity and rely solely on donations. Also if you order anything from Amazon through my website (just click on the link) the referral fees are going back to them too!

Click here for your slice of the action

Slices cost £3.99 + £0.96 postage

If you are feeling generous or aren't in the mood for cake, please make donation.

Monday, 8 November 2010

What to get...?

Christmas is a tricky time of year. From buying presents for your nearest and dearest to Gt Aunt Edna that you only see once a year, it's hard to get something that is entirely right and wont cost the earth. We live in a society today that people buy things they want when they want them, we have all become the person that has everything, so I thought you might like some help from me, after all who doesn't like cake?

A Piece of Cake, much tastier than a card! Perhaps this would be a good place to start with people you don't see often and can't afford to spend a lot on but want to show you care and have thought about them.  A sumptuous piece of cake delivered to their door!  

Or if you are looking for something a bit more how about enrolling them in one of my clubs. Then they can get a Piece of Cake every week/month for as long as you like! I'll happily send you a gift certificate so you have something to give on the day, just ask!

Bigger? How about posting a whole cake? Obviously I have fruit cake on offer but maybe you want to offer something different. Don't get much more different than a Peppermint Chilli Chocolate Cake! 

I also have cake balls - balls of cake dipped in chocolate, just like truffles but cakey, how decadent! I do jars of bitesize ones or baskets of golf ball sized, either of which are very moreish and will make you very popular! 

Worked out your present list now? Included something for yourself ? Relax and leave the rest to me! 

And for all those other things check out Amazon. Follow this link, won't cost you anymore but will help make some children smile as all referral fees will be going to my charity of the year Children's Adventure Farm Trust!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Bonfire Night

I love this time of year. The night's draw in and the fire gets lit. Ok so I admit I'm not so keen on the cold rain on the walk to school but on a crisp autumn morning, there is nothing better than kicking through the leaves with the kids.

Bonfire night marks a change of season to me. We all get wrapped up warm and cosy ready to go to a firework display. If you are anything like my family, you will have some treacle toffee in one pocket and cinder toffee in the other! It's the one time of year where we embrace the sweet tooth properly I feel. What I always make sure of is some well matured parkin waiting for us when we get in too.

Parkin is a special treat that I feel is very much underestimated. It is one of the biggest comfort foods you can eat, made with oats, ginger golden syrup and treacle to name but a few of the ingredients. It is then left to mature for several weeks - the longer the better. All those lovely liquids are drawn into the oats making it even more scrummy. I  know this is a northern thing and many people past Watford Gap may not have even heard of this but try it and I'm sure you will be converted! Serve it spread with butter or slightly warmed with ice cream or just on it's own the choice is yours!

Try a slice!

£2.99 + £0.96 postage

Or be bold and go for a whole one!
The family will love you!

£7.99 + £2.24 postage

Or if it's all a bit too rich how about a lemon and golden syrup sponge instead?

£3.99 + £2.24 postage