Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Chocadores Hot Chocolate Cubes

As you are all aware, I don't do reviews very often but there are some things that are close to my heart and for these I will always save a space on my blog. Today it is Chocadores Hot Chocolate Cubes. These fascinate me. I love the idea of something that looks like a piece of chocolate and dissolves perfectly into a cup of hot milk. Now to make this a bit different I would like to borrow two minutes of your time...! Promise it's painless and the best bit is you can see the results!

Thank you Chocadores. A lovely indulgent drinking chocolate that truly dissolves to nothing in the cup!

If you would like to try some yourself they cost £5.95 for 150g bag

And excitement! order before 17th January and get a 10% discount! Just add the code HCC10