Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lexmark printer cake?

Recently I was caught chatting at #BitsyBreak on twitter. This is a wonderful tread that gives homeworkers a chance to take a break between 11 and 12 each day. Now I have to stress, as much as I like this I don't get to join in every day but today was my day!

Whilst catching up with everyone I noticed a competition on Freelance Advisor's website where you could win a Lexmark printer. Now I really should know better than to enter something when the company chats on #BitsyBreak too! The next thing I knew it was being suggested that I made a cake in the shape of the printer! Of course agreeing straightaway then led me to start having nightmares! How would I make such a monster? What would I do with it? Could Freelance Advisor each that much cake? And then the answer came... Children's Adventure Farm Trust, my charity of the year!

So here you have it! A large vanilla sponge with strawberry jam printer! I hope you like it. £1 from every slice will be going to CAFT who are an amazing charity and rely solely on donations. Also if you order anything from Amazon through my website (just click on the link) the referral fees are going back to them too!

Click here for your slice of the action

Slices cost £3.99 + £0.96 postage

If you are feeling generous or aren't in the mood for cake, please make donation.