Thursday, 21 October 2010

Thank you

I can't put it any more simply than that. When I started my business 12 months ago it was with the help of my wonderful family. Mr Cake said go for it and has held my hand the whole way. No it wasn't easy and I made a few mistakes along the way but as learning curves go, I've enjoyed it for the most part!

So in celebration of The Cake Nest's first anniversary, I want to say thanks to everyone that has helped me along the way, so now where to start!

Louise Thomas of The Chocolate Consultancy Ltd, my sister and introducer to twitter. In February, I held a Valentine Market to raise money for Action Medical Research and she told me that twitter would help me promote it. I had no idea what it was all about and it took me a while to but now I'm hooked! The market did really well and we managed to raise £1441 in the end over the year as Mr Cake cycled from London to Paris. This year's charity is Children's Adventure Farm Trust, an amazing local charity who rely totally on donations.

There are some people that have helped me a lot on twitter too, so if you tweet make sure you follow them and if you don't they all have websites too so check them out!

@MrsLJHall You are a true star! You have given me hints and tips along the way but just as importantly you love my cake and tell people! Your blog though is truly inspiring from marmite to car parking you have made me laugh and cry, your courage amazes me.

@chocablog because you were the first people to review me, for which I will be for ever thankful for. I was so scared wrapping up a few slices and sending in so much bubble wrap you must have been slightly disappointed when you opened it! Thank you, your words helped start A Piece of Cake - with a lot sleeker packaging! Cheering up the nation with A Piece of Cake in the post! (And your review is framed on my wall.)

@mydaddycooks because I love Archie and watching him (and his dad) make my mini simnel cakes was fantastic! It was great to see them at Harvest at Jimmy's too. A big thanks for telling me about this. it was the first festival we had taken the girls too and now we are planning where to go next year! Watch this space they may be stirring up something else of mine too soon!

@busyhobs for all the help and advice he gave me on my website and more so for being a good friend!

@e_nation for #watercoolermoment office banter for homeworkers! Some days I really don't think I could by without it and if you think this is exaggerating picture me baking away all day with no adult company just two small children asking me what my favourite colour is over and over again! The conversations that circulate there are fab from #techtuesday to #cake

@littlesunflower for inspiration and encouragement. I love you shop and aspire to the awards you are up for! Gorgeous clothes and accessories for the small people in your life!

@TChocolateC for the afore mentioned but also for advice on chocolate, obviously, and for organising The Great Brownie Bake Off (google it!) an amazing day of tasting non professional cooks brownies - the winning recipe will be on my website shortly! I had a fantastic day and loved watching all the demonstrations from people like Gu puddings and Edd Kimber, to name but a few.

This may seem long but is not nearly everyone that has kept my head up. Thank you to all my customers, without you I would be nothing! Cringe worthy? Maybe. Who cares! Cheers here's to The Cake Nest's next anniversary. And a little extra for you... sign up to my newsletter and I'll let you know a secret!