Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Christmas Tips

It has suddenly struck me today, how close we are to Christmas! I know it's 108 days away but that is nothing. My children are going back to school this week after the school summer holidays, now 6 weeks ago 6 weeks felt like a long time but it passed in a flash and now the house is empty again. So I've been thinking...! Tips for making Christmas pass smoothly and enjoyably, here goes!

  1. Prepare! Keep your eyes open, if you see a present that you think someone would like BUY IT! Don't wait till christmas eve to go round getting a load of 3 for 2 things that no one uses. Best thing is you will seem like the most thoughtful person on the day! You are also likely to spend less money as instead of bulk buying and then finding you have forgotten someone or have something spare you will know in advance and they won't have sold out!
  2. List. Keep a check on who you have bought for and what. Bought granny something? Great tick her off! You will feel like you are achieving something too.
  3. See what you can get out of the way well in advance then the sting of Christmas won't be so bad. Think how gloomy January is after you have over spent in December. Little things like ordering you cake early will mean that you can spread out the costs and really enjoy the day.
  4. The most important piece of advice is to decide what your budget is and stick to it. If the kids what a trip to the moon learn to say "no". The pressure of kids is immense, they want the latest in everything and that comes at a cost so...
  5. Give the kids a budget. Tell them how much you have to spend on them and let them decide what to do with it. Better still, give them chores and make them earn it!

Need a cake? Just ask! I make a 7" fruit cake which is well matured, then marzipaned and iced. It costs £40 plus £10 delivery but will see you through till New Year with contented smiles all round and will be delivered shortly beforehand, one less thing for you to think about!