Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Cake Britain

Every once in a while an idea pops into my head that I can't ignore! This time it was Cake Britain! Let me explain. My customers are spread far and wide as I post slices of cake all over the UK but what happens when they need something bigger? Ok so you can buy whole versions of my cake slices but these are rectangular lovelies and maybe not what you want for your wedding cake! So here the seed is planted...

A customer calls or emails and asks what I can do. I explain that, for large novelty and wedding cakes, I hand deliver. Now, don't get me wrong, I will deliver if you live in Cornwall but would you want to pay my delivery charge? No of course not. And do you want to be cheeky and ask if I know anyone closer? Again probably not. So what happens now? You hang up wonder who else you can use? Ask friends, family, Twitter? Or ... What if...there was a map you could click on that brought everyone up locally?

Now I realise you could go to Yellow Pages or some such thing too but to be honest most of us don't pay for advertising, as word of mouth is a lot better. This is not to say we want to be hidden away, we want a way to work with you.

I have now designed Cake Britain, a user friendly map that you can just pop in your postcode and your local baker pops up! I don't charge anyone for registering their details and it is made up mostly of small businesses specializing in homemade cake of superior quality. What's the catch? Why do I want to advertise other people? Why does anyone want to go on a map that shows someone else who lives round the corner? Simple because not one of us can provide for everyone. We share tips, business links and friendship, because like our customers we are normal everyday people who mostly work from home and so things like Twitter become our coffee room. So bookmark it now ready for the next occasion, don't forget I'm still always here to help you with the new birthday card!

View Cake Britain in a larger map

If you bake yourself email your postcode, description and contact details to and I'll add you on, the more the merrier! Spread the word, this is Cake Britain!