Friday, 18 January 2013

Black Cherry Chocolate Cake

Firstly, Happy New Year! Sorry for the delay in blogging but we have been a tad busy. Anyway, normal service is resumed and it's back to me telling you about your "Surprise" cake. Last week was banana cake, which seemed to go down well. This week though we are twisting time again with our Black Cherry Chocolate Cake. I was brought up sharing a Black Forest Gateaux with my Granny each birthday (our birthdays are only a few days apart). Now there is something that I reminisce about with this. Sara Lee cakes were what served us then but now it's our turn to give our take on it. 

A rich chocolate cake with lovely big cherries inside and topped with white chocolate. What do you think? Join our club if you would like to try our surprises each week or send it to someone special.