Friday, 9 November 2012

Cake Slice Club

With Christmas fast approaching we thought that we had best tell you more about our Cake Slice Club. This is our gift that keeps on giving. Why should Christmas last for just one day when you can make it last for much longer! The mad build up to the day, then we overeat and crash on the day. Spread it out, send Mum her favourite slice that she doesn't have to share with Dad and reminds her that she is loved all year round. A slice of cake dropped through the letterbox for when you have all gone home and the house is quiet again shows she is always in your thoughts.

The best part is that if you select "surprise me" then your recipient will automatically receive our member's only club slice that week. So will be delighted by something totally different like Beetroot and Chocolate or Thor cake. We try to keep it seasonal and offer as much variation as possible, you can always find out what is in store by keeping an eye on our blog. On our birthday we sent boxes of Chocolate Dipped Cake Balls to all our surprises for that week! 

Maybe you like the idea of this for yourself? You could join our club and add a little surprise for yourself at the same time ;) We were shortlised for's prestigious Innovation Award at their 2012 Make Awards, making this a truly unique and delicious present enjoyed by all!