Friday, 24 August 2012

Time Out

Every once in a while we all need some time out. A time put aside just to unwind? Maybe. Or maybe just time to escape. Personally I always feel that getting out of the kitchen and taking a long walk with the dog clears the mind. Sometimes when it feels like everything is getting too much it can be just the ticket. Working from home can create a little cabin fever. The pressures of the day are harder to leave at the office door when you are live in it. They can even make me feel trapped and force me to keep working well past a sensible time. Do people really care if I answer an email at midnight?

We all have our own version of time out, it could just be sitting in front of the TV in the evening or reading a book. Whatever it is we should all do it. Life can be very hectic and without looking after ourselves, we are pretty useless to anyone else.

So grab yourself a cuppa, a slice of cake and a good book and give yourself a break. Feeling energised is a great start but perhaps you'll feel inspired too.