Friday, 4 November 2011

Dancing for the Kids!

In my madness I have agreed to a week of Zumba classes. This seems more daunting than my run! I have never even tried it before. Actually to the point I think I may have been avoiding it!

So what do they say face your fears? Grab the bull by the horns? Whatever, my name is down and I am coming in! Thanks to Martin at GTI Fitness this will be my schedule for the week commencing 5th December...

Monday 2000 - Chapel Leisure Centre

Tuesday 2000 -  Disley Methodist Church
Wednesday 930 - New Mills Youth Centre
Thursday 2000 Buxton - St Thomas More School

Saturday...... 1730-2100 Xmas Zumba Party @ Entourage Printworks Manchester

Oh and just to say I have every intention of keeping up my running training that week too!  So come on sponsor me or better still come and join me! The party looks like great fun and would be great to celebrate at the end with a few of my supporters. So get your dancing shoes on and say it's for the kids!